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What is Advocacy?

The word advocacy can mean different things to different people and systems. Lawyers define themselves as advocates as do child protection Social Workers, politicians, environmentalists, anti poverty activists and so on.

An Advocate may be seen as a: Navigator, Supporter; Champion; Spokesperson; Defender; Promoter; Upholder; Ally; Translator; Backer; Educator; Cheer Leader; Mediator; Negotiator; Promoter; Ambassador and more.


“Advocacy seeks to represent the interests of the powerless clients to powerful individuals and social structures”. Malcolm Payne 1997

Advocacy is the act of speaking in support of human concerns or needs. Where people have their own voice, advocacy means making sure they are heard; where they have difficulty in speaking, it means providing help; where they have no voice, it means speaking for them.” Malcolm Payne 1997

Advocate's Roles and Responsibilities.