Parent Support Services Society of BC



About Our Volunteer Circle Facilitators

"We really love our group facilitators. They are wise, kind, caring, convey genuine warmth. They help to be our aunt/older sister + share their knowledge + experience. We really appreciate that."

"New outlook from experienced facilitator; things they say make sense; people listen, it’s real, you share."

"Enthusiastic + knowledgeable/supportive facilitators - wonderful!"

"I am so glad I made it into this circle and can see how/why the 2 facilitators have stayed aboard for so long. They are fantastic and I have so much applause for them."

"Friendly, caring, kind, supportive – a source of information at many levels of need."

"The facilitators are outstanding! When I get my life under control, I'll probably volunteer with this program."

"I deeply appreciate the support from the facilitators, and the people I don't see who have been volunteering their time for this program. I don't have any family in Canada, so I found it very helpful to have a place I can regularly go for support."

About Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Group Participants

"I am grateful to know that such a group exists so close to me and grateful to feel less isolated as a GRG."

"Helped me with listening and learning from others."

"It is good and informative."

"Helped me to understand my grandchild."

"A Lifeline."

"Thank you so much for the picnic you put on. I enjoyed the picnic so much! My grandchildren did too! Such a lovely day and memory. So much effort was put in by so many, I don't know how to thank you properly."

About Facilitator Training

“The training was a very safe and caring environment; everyone was seen and heard.”

“This training built on my personal experience by reassuring and validating my approach to interpersonal relations.”

“The trainers created a very welcoming and inclusive space, encouraged discussion, were very knowledgeable and shared experiences.”

“It was a good learning experience to know and practise how to actually facilitate a group.”

About the Village Newslettter 

"I definitely find this registry of programs, resources and services for parents in the community extremely helpful--you need to know that your work is valued, appreciated and shared."

“The Village is my parenting bible. I wait for it monthly and give it to my clients, friends, and service providers and of course parents. It advertises all the services that matter to parents, grandparents and caregivers.”

"I would like to take the time to thank you very much for the articles you are sending. They are very informative and helpful. I do pass these articles to the rest of the staff at WorkBC."


Testimionials From Parent Support Circle Participants

"It has given me a place to talk about what’s going on in my life pertaining to being a parent. My frustrations, anxiety, guilt + sometimes joy."

"I can talk about the daily lives of kids because it’s confidential. The Circle is good for learning a lot of how to take care of children."

"I can apply each meeting’s details to my situation with optimism."

"It is good that we can always share different information."

"A great place for understanding how to parent and relieve the stress of parenting."

"Supplied wide range of ideas/experiences to balance perspective."

"Helped me with listening and learning from others."

"This group helps me with my problems. Moreover, I benefit by learning how other parents solved their problems in different situations. New immigrants need assistance in this area."

"It's a loving circle of many interesting parents. Parents there can exchange their ideas and experiences freely."

"This group can help new immigrants with parenting issues such as the appropriate ways to direct children and the parenting skills in western culture."

"I've learned to be more patient with my kids since I started to go to the circle."

"A place where I can relax and talk about everything I want to and not feel afraid to be judged."

"I'm opening up and I can say that my 5 year old daughter knows that there is healing and people care."

"I'm a lot less afraid I am being a bad parent because I know other people are going through the exact same thing."

"The most comfortable place for exploring and finding better ways in dealing with present challenges; with our mutual knowledge and experience we are stabilizing and reinforcing the platform from which our children can lead in the future with more self-confidence, love and understanding."

"A very memorable experience because I learned child disciplining techniques and effective ways of adjusting more quickly to Canadian Culture."

"I don't feel so alone. I have someone (ie the group) to vent frustrations, get validation, and get insight into what is taking place in our home."

"This group has been the most wonderful means of support to me as a mom with frustrations and the bonds developed are very strong and meaningful."

"I've been given SO much by the group. I hope to one day give back by being a volunteer facilitator when my kids are grown."

"I don't feel as alone. I'm not the only one [who] finds this job difficult, and wants to talk about it. This decreases my frustration caused by isolation."

“I like the educational aspect and appreciate learning how to be a better parent.”

Bella Cenezero, PSS Program Director, shares the story of one Parent Support Circle participant.